What Will Your LEGACY Be?

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Almost exactly 9 years ago, our family’s life changed forever. As we were caravanning to my niece’s birthday party, my parents pulled to the side of the road. Thinking someone simply forgot something, we pulled over behind them.

My mom stepped out of the car with the phone to her ear and a look on her face that I will never forget. As she approached Jen (my wife) and I, she said, “Virgil died.” My wife’s dad had died in his sleep. You can imagine the transformation of emotions from the excitement of celebrating a birthday to the disbelief of the death of Jen’s dad.

Virgil’s death was unexpected, especially since we had just celebrated one of the best Christmases with him and LaVonne the week before.

Time certainly helps with Virgil’s loss, but we still miss him. He is not here physically, but he still remains with us spiritually and through the lessons he taught us while he was here. Virgil taught us all lessons via words, actions, glances, or by simply remaining silent.

When we reminisce about Virgil, an image of a strong and spiritual man immediately forms. Virgil could fix anything, anytime, and would do it for anyone who needed help all while flashing that slanted smile that somehow winked at you.

Virgil had his flaws as all of us do. He was a broken man like you and I. But he persevered through prayer and the support of a wife and family that endured through the good times as well as the bad.

Virgil left a legacy for his son-in-law, children, grandchildren, and I pray, his grandchildren and beyond.

What will your legacy be? What will your spouse, your kids, and others say about you and the life you lived? When someone says your name after you have passed, what image will form in their mind?

Will it be that you were the best employee or owner they ever had? Will it be that you were a wonderful community leader? Will it be that you had all the material things one could dream of?

Or…will your legacy be that you put God first, served your family with the love and kindness they deserved, helped those less fortunate, lived with integrity, and worked as a servant leader throughout your career?

What will your legacy be?


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