Can TV TIme Really be Family Time?

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Movie Night 

My family and I enjoy watching movies and TV together.  I  admit that I have even binge-watched a few TV series and a few movie marathons.  I even designed my latest book, Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Daughters, with a TV series theme.  

Whether it be movie night or a quick TV show, we like to take our designated spots in our family room, mix up some butter-lathered movie theater-style popcorn (with peanut M & M's of course), and spend time together as a family.  No other devices, no distractions, and no annoying commercials.

We have been Netflix and Prime subscribers for a few years, but have found it more and more challenging to find family friendly movies and shows--let alone, anything with quality, faith-based content.  

While I am all for everyone having the ability to search their own interest categories, I don't really want my kids to stumble upon and be tempted by the "Satanic Stories," "Steamy LGQTB Movies," or "Demon Horror" categories on Netflix.  Really?  Yes, I know that there are parental controls, but let's be honest, our kids are tech savvy and can easily bypass them.  My son did this at 8 years old.  

The PureFlix Challenge

Recently, we heard about PureFlix, co-founded by David A.R. White.  He's the pastor in God's Not Dead, and produced The Case for Christ, and Mom's Night Out.  He, too, struggled with finding quality content for his family as well, and decided to do something about it. 

White says, "Think of it [PureFlix] as Netflix for families of faith."  I like that. I want that for my family.  Instead of endless searching on Netflix or Prime for shows that are rated PG-13, shows without adult content, filthy language, and garbage story lines, I now have access to high quality, faith-based content that we can watch as a family without fear of a random sex scene, an F-bomb rant, or a nightmare inducing murder scene.  

What if you could select this categor?  Christian Movies and TV. With PureFlix, you can.  Go ahead check it out.  

Why not take the PureFlix Challenge?  Try a full month of PureFlix for FREE!  We love the God's Not Dead movies, the TV series, Encounter, and laugh alot while watching Malibu Dan.  With categories like, Faith-Christian, Education, and Kids' Choices, you will now have access to unlimited family-friendly entertainment streaming into your living room.  

So, what do you think? Can TV time really be family time?  Why not take the FREE, 30-Day PureFlix Challenge and answer the question yourself?  What do you have to lose?

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