The Church Sea

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Last week was not a great week for the church in the United States.

On Wednesday, another megachurch pastor was fired from the church he helped found and grow to 13,000 attendees across the Chicago area's 7 campuses and over 150 independent church plants.  James MacDonald was fired by Harvest Bible Chapel's elders, citing he "was removed as senior pastor and as an elder of the church for engaging in conduct that the elders believe is contrary and harmful to the best interests of the church."

Two days before James MacDonald's story hit the news cycle, the Houston Chronicle broke a story where "200 Southern Baptist pastors, youth pastors and deacons were convicted or took plea deals for sex crimes over the past 20 years — leaving behind over 700 survivors.

It's no wonder, then, why so many of us dads struggle with the whole church issue. Many of us struggle with trusting the leadership in the church. Some of us can't get over the hypocrisy we see time and time again. We see the power and pride from the pulpit rather than the true message from the Messiah. 

My Church Story

In my blog post from a few weeks ago, Why I Wrote The Dad Drift, I shared with you that I decided to leave our church after being shamed by the men’s ministry leader. I was told that I “wasn’t bringing my weight to the team.” I interpreted this as I wasn’t good enough to be in the men’s ministry and therefore, might not be good enough to be the kind of man God expected me to be.

Since that moment, I have been trying to rebuild the faith I once had in Jesus Christ. It hasn’t been easy. Words hurt, especially those by in leadership positions. Some leaders, perhaps like James MacDonald, start abusing the power God has blessed them with and their personal pride overtakes them. Those in church leadership must start to recognize that their words impact others. Their power and pride can only go so far until it catches up with them.

Two Words

In The Dad Drift, I share two words that have kept my faith afloat since leaving my previous church home. Those words are from none other than Jesus himself when he tells a tax collector, by the name of Matthew, to “Follow me.” Matthew 9:9.

If we fixate on all of the negative stories about the Church and the broken men and women (just like us) in the Church, we will never experience all that God has to offer us in this life nor in the next.

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