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I want to personally welcome you to the Uplifting Dads website.  It is truly an honor for me that you decided to spend your precious time learning more about how I help uplift and encourage dads.  For the past 2-plus years, I have been reading, writing, blogging, and experiencing fatherhood in order to help myself and other dads (YOU!) how to become the dad we always dreamed we would be.  

My passion for fatherhood has led me to write books, Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons and Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Daughters (Available for Pre-Order Today!), speak at men's events, youth events, business luncheons, moms groups, and even help coach dads through group coaching, one-to-one coaching.  I even have my own online course for dads in order to help spread the uplifting fatherhood message that God has put on my heart. 

That's right, the uplifting message that God has put on my heart.  You see, it wasn't so long ago that I found myself drifting away from the dad I dreamed I would be.  I found myself focusing on my own selfish desires, believing I was in control of my future.  I poured into my career, telling myself it was necessary to provide even more money for my family.  

Sure, I was present in the lives of my wife and kids, but I wasn't truly present.  I wasn't intentional with my time.  I wasn't teaching them the life lessons I knew I was supposed to be teaching them. Before I knew it, I realized the time I had left to raise my kids was slipping away.

Soon, my selfishness and the stress of my career started showing itself in the form of depression and anxiety.  It nearly crippled me, to the point I believed I had a terminal illness.  Only by God's grace and the unending support and prayers of my devoted bride, God slowly guided me out of the darkness of depression and anxiety that had gripped me.  God showed me that He loved me.  God gifted me with a purpose and calling--to help lead dads to become the dads He designed us to be.  

Uplifting Dads is more than a website, more than the books I have written and will write, more than a speaking engagement, and more than a coaching session.  Uplifting Dads is a place where dads can seek out faith-fueled fatherhood resources and know they are not the only ones who feel discouraged or defeated as a dad.  Uplifting Dads is unapologetic in its Christian foundation, however, all are welcome to learn more about the man we are all trying to emulate, Jesus Christ.  

So, whether you are a married dad, divorced dad, single dad, adoptive dad, new dad, expecting dad, or experienced dad, I want to extend you a heartfelt welcome to Uplifting Dads.  My prayer is that the information in this website meets you in your time of need, uplifts you when you are discouraged, helps you build a community of like-minded dads, and most importantly, reminds you to always lift up your eyes and seek His face.  

Feel free to check out each of the areas within this website.  My designer and I did our best to make easy to navigate.  

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I’m Mark LaMaster, and my mission through Uplifting Dads is to offer a place of encouragement and inspiration for men to become the father they’ve always dreamed of being. I believe that all dads have an incredible, God-given opportunity to make a lasting, positive impact on their children, their families, and their earthly homes.

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