When You Give the Gift of Your Self

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Last weekend, as my family and I were enjoying some much needed "downtime," my daughter's phone rang.  Not a sound we often hear in our home, but we were eagerly anticipating this phone call.  Even before the caller I.D. revealed the number, we knew it was Colleen Timimi, a journalist for the Rochester Post-Bulletin, a local paper which reaches around 80,000 readers with it's Weekend Edition.  

I think I was more nervous than Hannah--nervous for her.  But I was also excited, proud, and grateful for Hannah, for the daughter she is and for the young woman she is becoming.  You see, Colleen was calling to interview Hannah about her role and her thoughts on our latest book, Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Daughters, which released on May 23, 2018.

As per Hannah's personality, she had prepared for the interview, collecting her thoughts and memories of our time spent together during our Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Daughters season.  Hannah is featured in the book in a section entitled, "Hannah's Take," in which she provides a tween/teen perspective for her peers.  

Colleen, a savvy journalist and mother of a pre-teen daughter, broke the ice with Hannah, by talking about their shared love of running.  Soon, Hannah was answering questions like a pro.  Here a couple of snippets from the article:

Willow Creek eighth grader Hannah LaMaster played a pivotal role in the book. Not only is she Mark’s daughter, she also contributed her thoughts and ideas to each “episode.” Hannah hopes that including her teen-girl perspective will make the concepts more “meaningful.”

Hannah believes that setting aside time creates opportunities to talk, which in turn strengthens relationships. She says without dedicated time, “it’s hard to get to know each other.”

I am humbled by how Hannah handled herself and honored that she is understanding how precious her perspective is as she helps make the concepts more "meaningful" for her peers.  

Dads, I encourage you to give your daughter the gift of yourself--today!  It doesn't have to be anything extravagant, expensive, or exciting.  Your daughter craves the gift of you, your time, and your conversation.  

You can start today by setting aside an hour or two on your calendar.  Label it, "Time with ___________ (your daughter's name).  If you are not sure how to start or what to do, I invite you to pick up a copy of our latest book, Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Daughters.  A small investment that can last a lifetime.  


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