Why I Wrote The Dad Drift

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Why I wrote The Dad Drift

I remember the moment when I realized I wasn't being the dad I dreamed I would be, the dad I was designed to be, and, most importantly, the dad my kids needed me to be. My daughter was ten and my son was eight. Right around my son's 8th birthday, I realized that the time I had with both of my kids at home wasn't going to last forever. It became clear to me that in only 10 years, both of my kids would be off to college, the military, or working a job of their own. My fatherhood clock was ticking louder than ever. I knew I needed to make some changes in how I parented my kids before time ran out. 

 It can be hard to be the dad you envisioned you would be when:

*Your life is crazy busy
*Your career becomes more and more demanding
*Today's culture respects dads less and less

That is what motivated me to write The Dad Drift: A Practical Guide to Help You Navigate the 7 Seas of Your Fatherhood Journey

The Dad Drift is a practical, easy-to-read, faith-based resource for dads, just like you, who desperately want to improve how they parent. In this refreshingly honest and entertaining self-help guide—I will help guide you through the seven seas, or stumbling blocks of your Fatherhood Journey. These stumbling blocks have the potential to cause dads to drift away from their fatherhood role. 

You might be surprised which of the seven stumbling blocks inspired me to write this book.

 Here’s why you might be surprised which of the seven stumbling blocks inspired me to write The Dad Drift.  

Last Spring, just a few days before my book, Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Daughters was set to launch, I received a text from the leader of my church's men's ministry leader. As I read the text, I realized it was basically a "last chance" opportunity to be a part of the team. Despite having participated, presented, and prayed for this men's ministry, I was being hand-slapped and shamed via text for a miscommunication about my absence during the previous evening's event. 

Instead of being the place I went to for guidance, support, and encouragement from other men, my church’s men’s ministry had become a place I no longer wanted to go. Rather than strengthening and deepening my relationship with God, I realized it was pushing me further and further away.

As an author who writes from a faith perspective, ironically, the Sea (C) that inspired me to write The Dad Drift was the Church. I now know that other dads feel the same way as I did. If you feel or have ever felt this way about your church, please know that there is hope. 

After much prayer, conversation, and time, I am now actively going to other churches in search of a new church home. I have learned that despite all of their good intentions, churches can be a distraction during our Fatherhood Journey. The wisdom I have gained from my experience is not to allow the church to determine my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

I wrote The Dad Drift to help all dads become the dads they dreamed they would be, even when their church, though not intentionally, may throw them off-course of their Fatherhood Journey. 

But my book isn’t for everyone. It’s not for dads who:

*Have this whole fatherhood thing figured out
*Don't need any advice from other dads
*Won't take the time to read a book on fatherhood

Nope, this book is for dads who:

            *Dream of becoming the dad they were designed to be
            *Want to be the dad their kids need him to be
            *Crave uplifting, encouraging, and faith-based fatherhood advice

 This book is for dads who are ready to take action and become the dad they always dreamed they would be. If that’s you, just click here to buy The Dad Drift.




Have you ever felt like you have been drifting away from the type of dad you wanted to be, the dad you were designed to be, and the dad your kids need you to be? I would love to hear what you think. Just post a comment in the COMMENTS section below. I would be grateful if you shared this with a friend, spouse, or someone in your church who might need to hear this message. You can do so by clicking on the ORANGE social media links below. - Mark


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