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BOOK: Friday Night Lights for Fathers and DAUGHTERS

Now Available!

Is your daughter becoming a young woman right before your eyes?  Do you feel like time is running out before you can teach her life’s important lessons? Do you want to help lead her in her faith walk? Do you want to develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with her?

"Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Daughters" provides an answer! As directors of your own personal TV series, you and your daughter will produce 10 Episodes covering topics from faith and friendships to social media and self-image.

Each Episode is designed for dads like you who can find value in a script to spark their creativity. All you need to do is read the Episode, review the material, set a date, and you are ready to go!

Every Episode includes the following:  

  • An Episode Guide
  • The Pitch
  • Behind the Scenes Setup
  • The Live Shoot! Activity (Daughter-approved!)
  • Personalized Pre-Episode Prayer
  • Backstage Passes
  • Red Carpet Interview Questions

Because no TV season would be complete without an award ceremony, you will wrap your season up with the Dad'n’Me Award Ceremony.  

In "Friday Night Lights for Dads and Daughters," author Mark LaMaster help fathers find common ground with the daughters they love. This book will inspire you to put time with your daughter on your calendar.

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