awaken your inner dad that you have always dreamed of.

The Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons MASTERMIND is a program for dads pursuing their dreams of becoming the fathers that God them to be, but who are currently experiencing significant barriers to achieving their true calling as a dads.

Right from the start, this Mastermind will guide you to believe in yourself and your fatherhood skills again. No longer will you see yourself as an ordinary dad. No longer will you feel like you are inadequate. Instead of giving up, you will be inspired to achieve your dream.

This MASTERMIND will equip you with the necessary tools to identify these barriers and will help awaken your inner dad!

The barriers blocking you from becoming the dad you have always dreamed of becoming are the direct result of your opposing team's greatest tool - distraction.

The Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons Mastermind will set you on a journey that will help you win against distractions such as, discouragement, defeat, and absenteeism, and will lead you to become the intentional, involved, and inspiring dad you were created to be.

Mark LaMaster will lead this select group of dads through a year long journey of transformation! 

The Mastermind program only has 11 seats-on purpose. Why?

For starters, it's the number of football players that take the field on either offense or defense. Why else? Because this is only for dads that are serious about taking their fatherhood to the next level. Because a group larger than 11 would not allow me to provide the level of attention and focus that Mastermind members require and deserve. Because I want to pour as much value, education, and energy into those of you that join the Mastermind program!

So, what does a Mastermind Member look like?

Mastermind Members are committed to each other's success! They are givers first and receivers second-meaning, they are aware that by helping to serve others, they themselves will receive a more plentiful gift in return! Mastermind Members know that being a part of a small group of dedicated, focused, and committed dads is essential to overcome the Great Distractor through personal accountability. Mastermind Members know that dreams require a team, the right tools, and focused time!

If this description of a Mastermind Member sounds like you, then keep reading to find out more about what the Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons Mastermind includes:

  • A monthly, 90-minute live coaching video conference on Zoom broken into three strategic, 30-minute sections: Action Items Update, Personal Parenting Success Teaching, and Hot Seat Study (each member has a shot at the hot seat)

  • Full access to the Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons Training Camp ($1885 Value)

  • Lifetime membership to the Friday Night Lights for Fathers Facebook Group

  • Private Slack channel to communicate daily with coach Mark LaMaster and other Mastermind Members to help you stay focused and accountable. 

  • Live event in Rochester, Minnesota! Includes a half-day live event to jump start the Mastermind and to get to know your fellow members in a face-to-face setting. Lunch will be provided

  • Personalized autographed copy of my new hardcover edition of "Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons"

  • Networking with dads from across the country dedicated to the same fatherhood goals as you!

  • An opportunity to awaken your inner dad that you have always dreamed of.

Enroll in the Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons Mastermind TODAY! I look forward to meeting you soon!