Being a father involves experiencing a range of emotions and receiving a variety of advice. In a world of "you shoulds" and "why aren't you", it's easy to feel overwhelmed and lose the joy, hope, and pride that you expected fatherhood to be.

You're not alone.

Dads everywhere are experiencing the same hesitation, doubt, and even guilt that you might be feeling. But you don't have to go it alone. Reach out - and set an example for your sons and daughters by acting in the same way you'd encourage them to act if they needed some help.

One-to-one coaching sessions are personalized and driven by you. Topics that commonly come up during these sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • Character and Integrity
  • Managing the Social Media Maze
  • Pursuing Godly Friendships
  • Biblical Manhood
  • Contentment vs. Entitlement
  • Internet, Porn, and Gaming
  • Serving vs. Self-Serving

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Meet Your Coach

Hello! I’m Mark LaMaster, and my mission through Uplifting Dads is to offer a place of encouragement and inspiration for men to become the father they’ve always dreamed of being. I believe that all dads have an incredible, God-given opportunity to make a lasting, positive impact on their children, their families, and their earthly homes. Learn more about me here.


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1-Month Package (Two 50-minute one-to-one calls) $250
3-Month Package (Six 50-minute one-to-one calls) $650