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Amazon - Cardiff D. Hall

"From the opening, Mark puts you right in the action watching the pitcher from the stands with the radar guns and you feel the cold he describes. The opening quiz hits you right in the head and makes you honestly answer questions, you don't spend time thinking about. The stats are sobering yet real and truly makes you think about your role as a dad. I am a dad and have one daughter, yet I see the value in a book like this even for dads who have daughters. The playbook Mark created is brilliant and allows you to take the journey with your son, which allows for growth personally with your son. This is an excellent book which is a MUST READ for any DAD!"

- Cardiff D. Hall, Amazon customer

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Amazon - Kirsten Samuel

"Practical, easy to follow steps to help fathers and sons connect - that's what you'll get in this book. Mark has put into print what many fathers struggle with on a daily basis - how to raise Godly sons. Easy and engaging read. This will be a gift to my sons."

- Kirsten Samuel, Amazon customer

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Amazon - Anonymous

"Mark LaMaster has tackled a topic that is so important for the future of our families, communities, and churches. Being a dad of a son is the most challenging and rewarding job in the world. It's also a responsibility that doesn't come with a lot of training. Mark's book is practical, engaging and has realistic and fun ways for fathers and sons to grow in their relationships with one another and God. Thanks, Mark, for helping us all to grow in our faith with our sons and to help them become Godly men."

- Anonymous, Amazon customer

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